• Identify market entry opportunities on a country-by-country basis by monitoring relevant economic and political developments.
  • Advise on local market conditions and acceptability of product line, competition activity, trade restrictions.
  • Identify potential importers/distributors.
  • Pre-qualify potential importers/distributors by evaluating their capabilities and suitability.
  • Brief new importers on policy and guidelines pertaining to brand development and brand management.
  • Set mutually agreed sales targets and report on progress.
  • Maintain close collaboration with importers to ensure adherence to pricing strategy, philosophy, and general corporate guidelines.
  • Identify and recommend promotional opportunities on a country-by-country basis.
  • Maintain brand presence and achieve growth and profitability.
  • Direct distribution of product samples and literature to prospects and customers.
  • Provide administrative assistance and advice to exporters, i.e. on shipping procedures, customs formalities.
  • Advise on legislative requirements with respect to ingredients, labeling and packaging design.
  • Assist with product registration documentation for presentation to health authorities where necessary.
  • Translation of text for packaging, labeling and product registration purposes.
  • Assistance with participation in trade shows.
  • Assist with product certification and registration where necessary.

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